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The healthy muscle of a young animal is shown on the left. With age, the muscle's ability to recover fades, as shown in the middle picture (the density of muscle fibers decreases, scar tissue grows and inflammatory processes occur). On the right is the muscle of an elderly person after treatment with oxytocin

Oxytocin (Oxytocin) is a peptide hormone in the neurohypofysis, which is structured like the antidiuretic hormone (ADH). Both hormones are nonapeptides, differing in only two amino acid residues (oxytocin contains Ile3 and Lei8).

A new study published in Nature Communications[1] in 2014 demonstrated that oxytocin, along with the already known effects (increased maternal instinct and social connections), plays a key role in muscle tissue repair. Oxytocin is seen as a high potential treatment for age-related muscle atrophy. Oxytocin research in humans has recently been approved by the FDA as an anti-aging tool.

Oxytocin under certain circumstances indirectly prevents the secretion of adrenocorticotropic hormone and cortisol, and in some situations may be considered antagonist vasopressin[2].

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Psychotropic action

Oxytocin has a pronounced effect on the psycho-emotional state of men and women, so it is often called "love hormone" or "trust hormone". It causes a more benevolent disposition towards other people, allows believing the words of a particular person, but only in certain cases: this applies only to intragroup relations - a person's attitude towards people from other groups does not change either for the better or for the worse (so-called "parochial altruism"). Hormone participates immediately after childbirth in the formation of a mother-child relationship.

Treatment of anorexia

Oxytocin helps to treat anorexia, according to the author of the study - Professor Janet Treasure. The article was published in the scientific journal Psychoneuroendocrinology.

It is reported that the scientists used oxytocin to treat anorexia in several girls. After two weeks of using the hormone, they lost their aversion to food, and a month later they were virtually completely cured of anorexia.

Oxytocin secretion

Oxytocin is formed in neurons of paraventricular nuclei and in smaller amounts - in supra-optical nuclei. It is synthesized as a large precursor molecule, which splits quickly to form oxytocin and neurophysin I. In secretory granules, both fragments form a complex, which is secreted from the nerve endings located mainly in the neurohypophysis. Besides neurophypophysis, oxytocynergic neurons are projected into other areas of hypothalamus, trunk and spinal cord. They participate in the regulation of vegetative nervous system activity. Oxytocin is synthesized not only in the CNS, but also in the luteal cells of the ovary, the uterus, and the fetal membranes.

Oxytocin secretion is intensified in response to irritation of the cervix, vagina and nipples. It is difficult to record the increase in oxytocin levels during childbirth because it is released impulsively and rapidly destroyed by cystinyl aminopeptidase blood. However, the most noticeable increase in oxytocin secretion is observed during the second period of labor in response to sprains of the cervix and vagina. Estradiol stimulates the secretion of oxytocin, while the peptide hormone ovarian relaxin suppresses it. Factors affecting ADH secretion also affect the secretion of oxytocin, but to a lesser extent. Thus, alcohol consumption inhibits oxytocin secretion, while pain, dehydration, bleeding and hypovolemia, on the contrary, stimulate it. The peripheral action of oxytocin is unlikely to have any adaptive value in these conditions, but it may be involved in the central mechanisms of AD regulation. Nevertheless, therapeutic doses of oxytocin may suppress water excretion by kidneys, which sometimes leads to water intoxication if used carelessly. 

What does Oxytocin do?

Oxytocin, otherwise known as OT, is a 9-amino acid peptide which consists of a sulfur bridge between both cysteines. According to researches, Oxytocin peptide hormone is saved and also launched from the posterior pituitary gland, a little structure at the base of the brain. OT peptide plays a role in complex social behaviors such as social recognition, association, sex-related habits, aggressiveness, and also trust. It likewise controls a multitude of reproduction-related procedures in both human and animal varieties.

In this article, we plan to offer you with the most exact and scientifically-approved information regarding oxytocin. Continue analysis to get more information about Oxytocin hormone, its uses, as well as its adverse effects.

What is Oxytocin?

Oxytocin definition: a hormone that works as a natural chemical as well as plays a vital function in social habits and also reproduction.

Called a nonapeptide, oxytocin includes nine amino acids. The oxytocin peptide sequence is: cysteine-- tyrosine-- isoleucine-- glutamine-- asparagine-- cysteine-- proline-- leucine-- glycine (CYIQNCPLG).

Flowing oxytocin peptide is crucial throughout parturition and lactation. The peptide oxytocin as well as the oxytocin receptor play an important function for the induction of labor. However, the OT hormonal agent likewise plays a role in a series of social actions. As a matter of fact, that's why it's widely called the 'love hormonal agent.'

According to recent clinical study [i], Oxytocin functions include affecting sexual activity, milk ejection, diabetes mellitus, cancer cells, osteoporosis, anxiety, trust, kindness, and also general bonding.

Study recommends that OT creates vasodilation of vascular smooth muscular tissue and also enhances coronary, kidney, and analytical blood circulation.

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